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You're All I've Got, No Matter What

~*~Just a little something from the Medieval Era Pokemon group I'm a part of on DA, to prove I'm not dead.

The sounds of the shop continued like every other day. The crackling of the fire, the sound of metalworking, Serafina’s soft and comforting voice that sounded like returning home after a long trip, and Kateryn’s loud friendly laughter. A large Persian lounged in a sunbeam, his tail swishing lazily, and Token held his vigil on the shop’s countertop.

Throughout the day familiar faces would filter in and out of the shop. The friendly tailor boy that made his human blush and whose Luxray actually made Sebastian smile, the Warrior girl with her Torchic that always gave him a pat, the only two Rangers that the smith knew: one that Kateryn always yelled at about swords and one that Token always thought reminded him a bit of himself. Eventually Token lost track of the people, their faces blurring into vague familiarity, but he could remember their voices. The friendly, happy voices that would make the smith smile and laugh louder than she had in a while or say nice things and gently pat his head.


The tiny Eevee looked up at the sound of his name to find Kateryn smiling down at him. Her face was obscured by the sunlight, only that crooked smile clearly visible. She reached down to ruffle the fur on his head and…
Everything slowed to a stop. The color drained from the area as if it were being washed away. Everything began to crumble, falling away into nothing. The last thing to disappear was the hand reaching out for the small Eevee, eventually leaving Token sitting alone in the desolate remains of Benedict & Sons.
Then it was no longer a small, fluffy Eevee seated alone on the rotting counter but a tired looking Espeon. The dual ended tail curled closer about his legs and he huddled closer to himself.

Once again the humans had taken everything Token had loved away from him. One by one his family had disappeared, leaving him alone. At first Token had been grateful to gain the abilities to bring them back, if only for a moment. For a while he would keep them around for as long as possible, Serafina or Kateryn holding him until he fell asleep.
But it had been years now and he was beginning to forget their faces. Soon there would be nothing but their voices to keep Token company in the remains of his home.
He’d never felt so alone.

NaNoWriMo Day Two: Momento Mori

It took nearly ten minutes before Alessa could pull herself from the bed. The bathroom mirror now in front of her reflected the same tired and defeated face as always. Dark circles framed her eyes and she’d lost any trace of a light tan she had those three years ago. Lack of a decent amount of sleep and a general refusal to go outside would do that to a girl. The brunette sighed and shook her head. There was no sense dwelling on her lackluster appearance. The only thing that could change it was sleep and that didn’t seem to be in the cards any time soon. A shower would help, though.

Once she was clean, dressed, and no longer looking like something the Meowth dragged in Alessa mad her way down the stairs and into the kitchen. Her aunt was at the stove making breakfast and it was only then that Alessa realized how early it was.

“Is Elliot still asleep?” At the sound of her niece’s voice Aunt Miranda turned from the stove and gave the girl a bright smile. She’d always been a morning person.

“Good morning, Alessa. I hope you like pancakes.” Miranda returned her attention to the stovetop as she spoke. “Of course Elliot’s still asleep. You know that girl, she always did enjoy her sleep.”

Alessa debated with reminding her aunt that it was only seven a.m. on a weekend, when Elliot didn’t have Trainer School, and the only reason Alessa herself was awake was because of her reoccurring nightmares. She decided against it. She was way to tired to debate with a morning person about how ‘lazy’ Elliot really was.

“Oh, I almost forgot,” Aunt Miranda spoke through Alessa’s thoughts. “Professor Elm wanted to see you later today.”

“Professor Elm?” the brunette looked up at her aunt, slightly confused. “What does he want?” Professor Elm, whom Alessa was well aquatinted with from her visits to Johto growing up, had been very understanding of her unwillingness to deal with Pokemon after the incident three years ago. If he wanted to see her it was probably important, but she had no idea what it could be about.

“I don’t know, dear. He didn’t say. He was fairly insistent though, so you should probably stop by after breakfast. Oh, and,” Aunt Miranda grinned widely as she sat a plate full of pancakes down in front of her niece. Her expression was eerily similar to a teenager who had gossip on a best friend’s crush. Alessa did not like where that was going. “Ethan was looking for you, too.”

It took a great deal of effort for Alessa not to groan, roll her eyes, and smack her head against the table. Ethan Gold was the son of one of Professor Elm’s Aides in the Pokemon Lab. He’d always had this sort of infatuation with Alessa, and even Elliot when she hadn’t been around. Now that Alessa had moved in with Aunt Miranda and Elliot, Ethan had become...persistent. The residents of New Bark seemed to find it adorable, as he came across as clumsy and awkward. They insisted that he just wanted to make Alessa feel better since she had been so sad lately. It seemed that it was only Alessa herself and Elliot that found his stalker-like tendencies worrisome.

“He was running around outside with his Marill earlier.” Aunt Miranda continued to ramble as she returned to preparing pancakes. “You should try to find him after you speak with Professor Elm. Oh, you two would be so cute together!”

Alessa stopped listening by that point and instead turned her attention to her pancakes. Quite frankly, she didn’t want to think about Ethan at all, least of all in a romantic sense. Something about him just made her uncomfortable. Maybe he came on too strong. Maybe it was the fact that she’d caught him, more than a few time, staring at her. Just...staring. Alessa made a face, eyeing the fork in her hand, and shaking her head to clear it. Thoughts like that turned her pancakes sour in her mouth and Alessa had every intention of enjoying her pancakes.

Elm’s Pokemon Research Lab was conveniently located right next door to Aunt Miranda’s house. It should have only taken a few minutes for Alessa to walk there but since she was so determined not to run into Ethan she made it a point to circumnavigate the entire (albeit very small) town to reach the Lab. It took nearly twenty minutes but there had been no sign of her would-be suitor. Alessa just hoped that whatever Professor Elm wanted to see her about wasn’t time sensitive.

She had reached the door, hand on the knob and ready to turn, when out of nowhere a fat, blue sphere crashed into the back of her legs. Alessa shrieked as she went tumbling backwards, unable to regain her balance. She hit the ground with an audible thud, the impact knocking the air out of her for a moment. In the instant she his the ground, the cause of her tumble hoped up on her stomach (with a little too much force) and grinned down at her.

“...Bastian.” Alessa glowered up at the Marill on her chest. “Where’s your master?” Bastian didn’t reply, he never did. Instead he simply bounced on top of her. “Ow, damnit.”

“Sorry, sorry,” Nearly on cue, Ethan jogged over to them, scooping up his Marill and tucking him under an arm like a basketball. Bastian didn’t seem to mind. Ethan held out his free hand to her. “Here, let me help you up.”

Alessa was hesitant to take his hand, she was perfectly capable of getting up on her own, but she was still a little sore from being run over by the Water type. With a sigh, the brunette took ahold of the young man’s hand and Ethan pulled her to her feet. His hand lingered on her own far longer than was necessary. In fact, he had yet to release it.

“Er, look Ethan, Professor Elm said he needed to see me. It sounded important.” Ethan didn’t seem to take the hint as he kept ahold of her hand. She’d have to push the issue. “So I should go.”

“Oh, oh right.” Despite what he said, Ethan still hadn’t released her hand. Getting annoyed now, Alessa attempted to tug her hand free. It took three attempts but she finally got her hand free. Quicker than was probably needed, she reached over and opened the door to the Pokemon Lab.

“Going now.” Alessa repeated, heading inside the building and shutting the door behind her. Sure, it seemed a little rude but she honestly didn’t want to deal with him following her right now.

Professor Elm was at the far end of his Lab, typing away at his computer. The sound of the door opening and closing drew his attention in Alessa’s direction and when he saw that it was her his face lit up. He was excited about something.

“Alessa. You made it. I was worried that-” the older man shook his head, deciding to say something else instead. “I need you to do me a favor.”

“A favor?” Alessa watched as Elm got to his feet and strode across the room. He told her about an old of acquaintance his, Mr. Pokemon, and how he made a discovery that he wanted to share with Elm. Unfortunately, Elm was right in the middle of his own research and couldn’t leave the lab to visit Mr. Pokemon.

“And for that,” Professor Elm began, rummaging around in between stacks of paper, obviously looking for something. “Where are they? Ah, here they are. And for that, you’ll need a Pokemon.”

From within the mess of papers Elm produced three pokeballs, setting them out for the brunette to see. Alessa felt her heart drop into her stomach. He wanted to put a Pokemon in her care? What if something terrible happened?

Sensing her hesitation, the Johto Professor placed a hand lightly on her shoulder, causing her to turn her attention back to him. “Alessa, it’s been three years. You’re perfectly capable of taking care of a Pokemon, but if it makes you feel better you can return the Pokemon you borrow after the errand. You can’t go to Cherrygrove alone.”

Alessa slowly nodded her head. Yes, that sounded like a good idea. She couldn’t keep acting like she was scared of Pokemon but she wasn’t sure she was ready to raise anymore. She would run this errand for Elm, help get a Pokemon used to people, return it, and some new Trainer could start their journey. Maybe Elliot, as it was almost time for her to get her first Pokemon. “Okay, Professor.”

Just like those three years ago, when she stood in Professor Oak’s Lab back in Pallet Town, she had three choices. A Fire type, a Water type, and a Grass type. Three years ago Alessa had chosen a Bulbasaur. This time, even if it was only temporary, she wanted something else.

“This one.” She reached across the table, taking one of the pokeballs in her hands. She didn’t want to admit it, but in the back of her mind she missed the familiar weight of having one in her hand. With a slightly shaking finger- Oh, why was she so nervous? This was ridiculous!- Alessa reached up, pressing the center button and releasing the Pokemon inside.

There was a brief flash of red light and in the next moment a small black and cream Pokemon sat on the floor. He had a large snout and a stubby tail, blinking up at the two humans with squinty eyes. Honestly he was adorable.

“A Cyndaquil. A good choice.” There was a small pause before Elm spoke up again. “Why don’t you give him a nickname?”

“Professor, I’m not...” But the small Pokemon was looking up at her expecting, his stubby little tail wagging, and Alessa didn’t have it in her heart to disappoint him. “Tabasco. I’ll call him Tabasco.”

“Now, Mr. Pokemon lives just outside Cherrygrove. That’s the next town over, but it shouldn’t take you very long to get there. Maybe a few hours?” Elm rubbed at the back of his neck in thought. “You have a Pokegear, don’t you?”

Alessa nodded her head. Elliot had given her one of her old Pokegear when Alessa moved in. Elliot insisted it was because Alessa, having been done a League Run before, knew more than the teachers at her Trainer School and she wanted to get her information from a pro. Alessa knew it was probably because it had given her something new to focus on in her spare time and that Elliot had really enjoyed the letters Alessa had sent her during her Kanto League Challenge. It was pointless to send letters when they lived in the same house, even if Elliot was usually at school, and email was faster and easier anyway.

“Good, good. Let me give you the number to the Lab, just in case.”

Morning had gone and afternoon had settled over New Bark Town by the time Alessa and her newly acquired Cyndaquil left Elm’s Lab. Thankfully, neither Ethan nor Bastian were anywhere to be seen. Alessa wasn’t sure that she could deal with him right now, nor did she trust Bastian around Tabasco when he was so low leveled.

NaNoWriMo Day One: Momento Mori

~*~ Only 270 words on the first day. I'm off to a bad start. But in my defense today was my busy day with two classes right after one another and not getting home until around 7-8. Luckily I have all day tomorrow to write. ~*~

The room itself was filled with soft sunlight filtering in through the window, casting a warm and friendly light about the room, and the sound of Pidgey singing in the distance and the windmills at the edge of town were the only sounds apart form the faint noises from downstairs. However, in an almost sharp contrast, a young woman set upright and stiff in the bed, her hair a mess and her breathing ragged. With a muffled groan she doubled over, cupping her hands to her face. The day began in the same fashion as so many others had for the past three years: cold sweats, night terrors, and the urge to cry.

The young woman’s name was Alessa Gray and three years ago she left her home in Pallet Town, Kanto to stay with her Aunt and cousin-more-like-sister Elliot in New Bark, Johto. A terrible tragedy had caused the loss of the first team of Pokemon that she had trained and Alessa could no longer stay in her hometown. It held too many memories and she’d had a falling out with one of her two childhood friends, the other had been unable to stay in town. Alessa’s mother had hoped the move would give her daughter something new to focus on and the company of Elliot would help improve her dwindling mood, as the two girls had always been close despite the distance between them. Unfortunately it was hard to move on when nightmares of blood and death, the loss of important things, haunted Alessa at night.

It took nearly ten minutes before Alessa could pull herself from the bed. The bathroom mirror now in front of her reflected the same tired and defeated face as always. Dark circles framed her eyes and she’d lost any trace of a light tan she had those three years ago. Lack of a decent amount of sleep and a general refusal to go outside would do that to a girl.
“I heard about your mother.”
Lena stopped dead, bringing the textbook in her arms closer to her as if it could act as some sort of shield. She knew that voice. Jack Dickson, just about the last person Lena wanted to run into alone. There wasn’t anything exactly wrong with Dickson, but he’d started taking a particular interest in Lena the past year and whenever she was alone with him lately it made her very uncomfortable.
“How?” she didn’t turn around to face him, willing her feet to move again. The hallways were all but abandoned this time of night in favor of the Great Hall, dinner, and the company of others. Lena had opted to swing by the Library before dinner to pick up a book she needed for that night’s homework. Apparently that had been a mistake. “I didn’t tell anyone.”
He reached out, putting a hand on her shoulder, grip like a vice. From the corner of her eye Lena could see the smirk on his face. “I saw the letter.”
Alarm bubbled in her chest. As far as the Hufflepuff knew the letter informing her of her mother’s passing was still stuffed deeply into the bowels of her bag. How could he have...?
“What will you do, darling?” Dickson was leading her down a different corridor now, away from the Great Hall. “Once term ends where will you go?”
Lena tried to shrug his hand from her shoulder to no avail. “Well, I-”
He’d turned her around by this point so that he was facing her, hands on both her shoulders now. She was closer to the corridor wall than she cared to be, feeling trapped. For a moment Lena contemplated going for her wand, but she wasn’t confident enough in her spellwork to take on a higher level student. “You know none of those friends of yours could take you in, don’t you?”
“Of course! I would never-”
“I mean, that Edwards girl is insane. You’d never survive the holiday. And even if you did I hear she has like ten brothers, there’d be no room. Barton and Stark won’t want to coddle you all summer. I doubt Stark has the patience or the consideration to do it anyway. And that Banner-”
“Now, just a minute.” It was Lena’s turn to cut him off, her eyes narrowing. “You can’t talk about them like that. You don’t even know them.”
“Sorry, sorry.” Dickson didn’t sound very sorry at all. “What I mean is,” the older student leaned closer to the strawberry blonde, his fingers trailing lightly along the side of her face and tucking her hair behind an ear. “You should be with someone who can give you all the attention you need.”
To be completely honest Lena didn’t ever recall needing the sort of attention he was implying. The Hufflepuff girl leaned back on her heels, trying to put some distance between them. “Oh, uh, Dickson I don’t think-” That she wanted to be stuck with him alone for any large amount of time. “-that I could impose like that.”
“I insist.” Any distance that Lena managed to put between them was erased as Dickson leaned down, hovering inches above her face.
“Hold it right there, Dickson,” a new voice spoke, putting extra emphasis on the first syllable of the older student’s name. Both heads turned to face the newcomer, a brief surge of relief welling up in Lena as she saw who it was.
“This doesn’t concern you, Edwards.” Dickson spoke, standing up straight to face the Gryffindor girl.
“I think it does,” she responded, stepping closer. “Lena’s too polite to tell you to fuck off so I’m here to do it for her.”
“Lena and I were having a conversation.” His hand was back on her shoulder and Aileen’s eyes narrowed at her friend’s obvious discomfort. “It’s rude to interrupt.”
“Let her go.”
“Make me.”
Things spiraled out of control from there. Aileen was a Halfblood, raised by her Muggle Army Colonel father. As such she was more prone to throwing punches and getting physical than drawing her wand. A year above them, Dickson might have had better dueling skills and a faster wand draw but he sure hadn’t been expecting to be punched in the face. By the time Coulson, Rogers, and a few other Prefects arrived on the scene Lena was trying to pull an enraged Aileen off a bloody Dickson. Everyone involved received a month’s worth of detention and a massive reduction in House Points.
“I can’t believe you broke his nose.” Lena spoke once the ruckus had died down.
Aileen snorted, rubbing her punching hand. “He’s lucky that’s the only thing I broke. Why? Do you object?”
“Not really,” Lena shook her head. She was more worried about Dickson holding a grudge than anything.
“What was he trying to get you to do, anyway?”
“Oh, uhm,” Lena looked down, shuffling her feet slightly. “He was...he was trying to get me to come home with him at the end of term.”
The blonde Gryffindor looked confused. “Why in the hell would he ever think you would do that?”
Lena was silent for a moment. She would have to tell someone sooner or later, she just hadn’t thought it would be like this. “I don’t have anywhere to go.”
“Can’t you just go home?”
“No,” Lena’s response was quiet, almost inaudible. She explained quietly about her situation. About how her mother had been in St. Mungo’s for the past few years, how Lena had to sell the house because no one was there to care for it (Lena had been staying near the hospital when she wasn’t in school), and how her mother had lost her battle with her illness and finally passed away. Lena had no home to return to.
“Nonsense,” Aileen responded when the blonde finished her explanation. “You do have somewhere to go at the end of term. You’re coming home with me.”
“No, I don’t want to hear it. I’ve made up my mind and nothing you say is going to change it. Dad won’t mind and most of my brothers are out of the house now anyway. He’s always preferred a full house.” Lena looked up to meet her friend’s gaze. It was set firm and her expression was confident; what she said was going to happen. There would be no changing her mind, no matter what was said.
“...Thank you.”
~*~FMA icon used because that's how I feel after working in a metal building with no AC.~*~

*Aileen comes from an all male, military family consisting of 5 older brothers and a retired Army Colonel father. Her family is also vey big on guns and hunting.

*All of Aileen's brothers went into either a branch of the military or police work.

*Aileen's father is named Col. Nathaniel II and her brothers (oldest to youngest) are Nathaniel III, Brian, Luke, Devon, and Justin. Aileen is the baby of the family.

*Aileen's family also owns a lot of dogs and lives on either a small farm/ranch or a large cabin and owns a lot of the surrounding woods (inherited family land). (Leaning towards cabin and woods.)

*Lena grew up in a cul-de-sac of a small city. Her mother kept a garden in the back, mostly flowers, and her father turned the garage into his workshop.

*Lena's father was an engineer and self-taught mechanic. He taught Lena, an only child, as much as he could and instilled in her a love of tinkering and fixing things.

*Lena's parents are dead and she has no close extended family, so Aileen takes Lena home with her for Holidays. Lena has basically been adopted in to the family.

*Lena and Aileen first met each other in basic training.

*Before joining SHIELD Lena worked as an intern/secretary for one of Stark Enterprise's competitors. She quit and moved to New York not long after, however.

*Aileen specializes in long range combat and heavy artillery, though she can still hold her own with a handgun or in close range combat.

*Lena specializes in close range, small weapon, combat and disarming an opponent. As well as surveillance and systems analysis (some hacking ability, bypassing security systems, looping video feed, ext.).

Unfinished Idea is Unfinished

“Welcome to Aperture Laboratories,” the robotic voice from nowhere spoke, oddly cheerful for being synthesized. “A subsection of the Kaiba Corporation-”
Kannau and Kazue exchanged a look, both thinking the same thing. Well, fuck. Things were not going to be easy. Not with Kaiba involved.
“-You have been chosen for a series of tests-” the voice continued but both girls had stopped listening. Instead, they had taken to searching the room for anything useful. A crowbar, a door, the off switch to that annoying voice. Where was it coming from and why wouldn’t it shut up?!
~*~ Thanks again, Jo. I should have done this sooner. xD ~*~

Name: Leia Lowe

Significance of Name: Leia is an anagram of ‘a lie’ and Lowe followed the double alliteration that is so common in hero civilian names. Her reasons for choosing Leia as her name are unclear but it’s widely assumed it’s for her own amusement, Leia Lowe being a fake name and all.

Alias:  Limit

Appearance: Physically speaking, Limit looks like your average, lanky fourteen year old girl. She’s still in the process of growing and sometimes that’s obvious. Her natural hair color is blonde, but she keeps her hair dyed a bright, obnoxious pink. Limit holds no fondness for her natural hair color. She keeps her hair short, around chin length, to keep it out of the way when fighting. Her eyes are bright green.

Personality: Limit is....complicated. In a way she wears her heart on her sleeve. You can always tell, just by looking at her, how she’s feeling. If she’ll talk about how she’s feeling and why is an entirely different matter. Limit doesn’t talk about her feelings well. She’s likely to keep everything bottled up, until it explodes in an angry rant and a hole in the wall. She’ll crack jokes about possibly inappropriate things, call you out for doing something she deems stupid, and generally torment Wally. Limit is very vocal about her opinion. If she doesn’t like you, you’ll know about it. Limit has a hard time making friends and even if she didn’t Limit has trouble letting people get close to her.

Strength:  9/10*
Intelligence:  5-6/10
Speed:  7/10*
Special ability:  ???
Refers to when her powers are activated.

Powers: Enhanced strength and speed. Modified senses. (Being obnoxious)

-Enhanced Strength and Speed
Through a computer chip and an unknown amount of wiring in her brain, Limit can temporarily remove the limits on her body's strength and speed, over riding the pain receptors and gaining superhuman abilities for a period of time. This is not to say she’s on par with Superman or Flash in their respective ability. She will never be as strong or as fast as they are. She shows what the human body is capable of without limits.

-Accelerated Healing
Just because she doesn't feel the pain doesn't mean that her body isn't sustaining damage when pushed so far for a log amount of time. Past a certain point and all she's doing is tearing her body apart. Because of this some manner of biotechnology (I haven’t found the right term) was introduced into her bloodstream to accelerate the healing process. This is by NO MEANS instantaneous. Hours instead of days, days instead of months, months instead of years if the damage is severe enough. This biotech was incorporated to speed up the healing of broken bones and torn muscles that are so common with Limit’s abilities. Over all her body is still human, she is still susceptible to illness, she still gets tired, ext.

-Enhanced Senses
Because her robotic enhancements were designed for combat, there were also boosts to her sight and hearing. Hearing enhancements manifest in the form of robotic 'ears' (think Nuku Nuku series) that she can replace her normal ears with at will. In a combat situation a visor-like screen will cover her eyes, allowing her things such as night vision and alerts to peripheral attacks if needed. These only manifest in combat or a highly stressful situation.

The computer chip and visor-screen allow Limit to access information remotely. She can bring up data or files on her screen or receive real time information retaining to the fight she’s in. Potentially, anything on the internet or the computer system she’s connected to Limit has access to.
~*~ Taken, with permission, from Jo (destinyswindow). Limit needed a more streamlined information sheet. ~*~

Here's the list of cliche's I need to avoid:

1. Perfect over the top looks. Tall, graceful, beautiful, long hair. Where are the dorky, ugly ducklings? Not everyone is perfect and like I said in the last post, the point is that an average person crossed into this universe. The average person does not have above average looks. 

2. Smart and athletic? Oh boy....once again, is this chick average?

3. Female. I have yet to see a male OC for Young Justice.

4. The name. Let's take a moment for a mini rant, shall we? Look at the names of the canon characters, their superhero and civilian ones. Let's start with civilian names. Bruce and Richard/Dick were fairly common names when the batman comic was created. Connor? Megan? Once again, pretty ordinary. Plain even. John? You can't get any plainer. Diana? Common for when she was created. What's my point? These people are plain and forgettable when their civilians. In no way do they stand out. If they stood out then people would notice when they run into a phone booth as a civilian and come out as Superman. Now that I've mention Superman, lets examine his hero moniker, shall we? Superman is aman and he is super powerful. Batman is also a man and looks like a bat. Flash is so fast that when he goes by all you see is a flash. Red Tornado is red and creates tornadoes. Once again the point; the people who named these heroes were not creative. If anything these names are corny, cliche and directly pertain to their power. 

5. Fashion Style. See above rant.

6. Personality. Would you really rant and rave at Superman for doing something stupid? Really? I doubt it.

7. Over the top superpowers. Even Superman has a weakness. 

Now concerning Limit:

1.  Limit is still young. She’s only 14. She’s in that ‘awkward teenage’ state. Her legs and arms are long, but her figure hasn’t filled out and she hasn’t finished growing. She’s still a bit on the short side. Yes, she dyes her hair a bright, obnoxious pink but she’s young enough for people to write it off as ‘rebellious teen’ and pay no mind to it.

2. Limit does not study very well. In fact, she probably pays little attention in class and gets bored easily with school work. She does enough to pass and probably little else, unless the subject has somehow managed to spark her interest. Which is unlikely.

3. Okay, I’m breaking this rule. While I do have guy OCs, guys are generally harder for me to write. At the time that I created Limit there were only two girls on the team so there was room for another female character or two, no problem. I’m not changing her gender now.

 4. Limit’s birth name is ‘Maggie Carter’, though she will never give anyone that name or even respond to it. The civilian name she goes by Limit created herself. It is ‘Leia Lowe’. Leia is an anagram of ‘a lie’, something Limit was amused by and thought it fitting for a fake name. Her hero name, Limit, refers to her ‘powers’. The computer chip in her brain allows her to remove the limits on her body, letting her tap into advanced strength and speed. (Her tech and abilities are greater explained in the next post.)

 5. Limit dresses like a normal teenager. Jeans, t-shirts, hoodies, brightly colored converse. Her hero outfit, while still being designed, would be a snug fitting body suit to reduce the risk of getting caught on something. It would need to be flexible enough to allow her freedom of movement but be woven with some sort of material to reflect or reduce the impact of bullets and withstand the abuse of enhanced strength. Limit is not bullet proof.

6. Limit is all over the place. She is very likely to call a person out on some stupid mistake they’ve made or joke nonchalantly about a near death experience she’s had. This is her coping mechanism. It is unclear how exactly she gained her robotic parts, including the chip in her brain, but it was likely very traumatic. This, along with the fact that she comes from the future, leaves her feeling like an outsider even among heroes her own age. Her childhood wasn’t exactly normal and growing up she didn’t meet a lot of new people, let alone ones her age, because of this her interactions with people can be rather awkward.

7. Limit’s superpowers are, for the most part, completely natural. They are what the body is capable of without the limits put upon it by the brain and fear of injury. This injury is still very much possible and does occur. There are a few enhancements granted by the computer chip in her brain, but strictly speaking Limit’s powers are her own. The chip just allows her to access them. (Will be explained in greater detail in next post.)

Unfinished Limit Drabble

~*~ Red Arrow is being awkward and hard to write, so this is all I got. ~*~

“I thought I’d find you out here.”

Limit blinked, tilting her head back and leaning backwards until she could see who was speaking without actually turning around. “Red Arrow?”

The older hero didn’t respond. Instead he closed the gap between them and took a seat next to her. He seemed a bit out of place, like he didn’t really know what he was doing. “Thought you might want to talk.”

“About what?” the archer gave her a look out of the corner of his eye and Limit gave an awkward sort of half-grin. “Oh, that. I didn’t think it was that obvious.”

“It’s pretty obvious.”

“Wally hasn’t said anything about it, so it must not be too obvious.”

“Wally’s an idiot.”

Limit laughed then. A real laugh, her earlier brooding expression shattering into a large grin. For a moment she looked like the normal fourteen year old she should have been. “Okay, I’ll give you that.” she paused to dab at the corners of her eyes, which were watering from her earlier laughing. “So, did you draw the short straw or did Prophet put you up to coming out here and talking to me?”

Again, Red Arrow didn’t respond. The scenery in front of them had suddenly become very interesting. Limit grinned again.

“I thought so.”


Limit Drabble: Stranger

“Shut up.”

Those had been the first words Limit had spoken to Roy Harper- the real Roy Harper- when he had tried to speak to her. Limit had been watching from a corner with growing irritation as the original members of Young Justice exchanged pleasantries with this younger Roy. They were just so happy. Of course they were happy. This was the Roy Harper, the Speedy, they had always known. To Limit, however, it was this boy that was the impostor. She didn’t know him and she had no intention of getting to know him. He was the reason Red Arrow had left; unable to face the ‘real Roy’, not wanting to take his ‘place’. He had been the reason Prophet had left the room looking, for at least the fifth time that day, as if she were about to cry. Limit was not about to play nice with this...this...she wasn’t able to think of a good enough word to express her current feelings towards the young hero.

“I don’t want to be your friend,” she continued, glaring through her visor at the hand (his only hand, currently) he had offered to her in greeting. The room had gone quiet. The laughter and lively conversation, the first in weeks, diminished into an awkward silence.

“Leia...” M’gaan started, this sad sort of look forming on her face as if she knew what was rubbing Limit the wrong way. Maybe she did know.

“No.” Limit ground out between her teeth. She hitched up her shoulders, two steps away from physically shifting into defensive fighting stance. “No. Do not ‘Leia’ me, Megan. I don’t want to hear it. I’m not going to act like nothing is wrong. I’m not going to pretend like this is the same Roy I’ve know for the past year. Because this-” Limit jabbed her finger into Speedy’s chest, physically knocking him back a few steps, “-is not. This is a stranger. Maybe he’s the ‘Roy Harper’ you guys know, but that was before my time and I can’t just accept it. Maybe that makes me the bitch Wally’s always saying I am, but what the hell else is new.”

Limit was done talking. She had nothing else to say to anyone in the room. She shoved her way through the crowd of former sidekicks and disappeared from sight. A few moments later the slam of her bedroom door could be heard. It was unlikely anyone would see her for the rest of the night.

Once the door was shut Limit leaned back against the hard wood, breathing heavily, trying to get a hold on her flaring temper. The door was cool against her back, sturdy, seemingly the only solid thing in her life at the moment. The teen swayed on her feet for a moment before slowly sliding down the door until she sat on the cold floor. One of these days she would stop letting herself get close to people. One of these days she’d stop getting attached. One of these days she would stop letting herself get hurt. One of these days she’d stop counting people as family, only to have them betray her in some way.

One of these days...